DeDU is the market's most user-friendly programme for:

  • Planning Preventive Maintenance, Monitoring & Management
  • Task Management, Fault Report
  • Power & Environment
  • Authority Inspections
  • Managing key loans
  • Monitoring and following up contract work
  • Budget management for Planned Maintenance
  • Automatically allocated work orders
  • Mobile solution for work orders
  • Document Archive

The simple user interface makes DeDU one of the market's most easy to use programs. There is a well designed and powerful program behind this apparent simplicity.

Throughout the program, data is managed using a tree structure like that in Windows, which provides a good overview.

DeDU has more than 2000 users, making it one of the most widely used programs in its niche!

The users range from municipalities and county councils to private property companies, contractors, industry and power companies.


Even if DeDU is mostly used as a tool for planning maintenance, its versatile structure has meant that it is increasingly used for the regular inspections that authorities require property and facilities owners to carry out, e.g. systematic fire prevention, inspecting pressurised facilities or checking playgrounds.