Monitoring & Management

Planning maintenance

DeDU makes planning preventive maintenance quick and easy.

All service objects are registered in the object window. You can state type, location, service interval, profession, planned time, etc. Maintenance points and spare parts are also registered. DeDU creates work orders based on the information in this register. The work order contains information about what the facilities looked like on the previous visit and which notes were made then.

Each week, work orders for the maintenance to be done are printed out. They can be printed out either as hard copies, as e-mail or using DeDUMobile, which makes a work order available via a mobile phone.

Planning maintenance is simple

Maintenance objects are placed in the calendar according to the week when work should start, and DeDU then plans using the stated interval.

The planning calendar provides a good overview of the maintenance that is to be carried out. When the orders have been completed they turn green and are ticked off the list. If an order is to be moved from one week to another, simply drag the icon to the desired week. Work orders are printed out weekly. After work is completed the order is acknowledged in the acknowledgement window. The status of the maintenance points and any notes are displayed on the next work order to be printed out for the relevant object.

DeDU remembers what you forget!